Retail Banking

End-to-end fully integrated savings management framework.

Strictly controlled investment policy.

Prime investment methodology and technology available to all savers.

Lower costs, new sources of income, improved margins.

Permanent auditory of the portfolio management service.

Private Banking

Genuinely bespoke, tailor made, client centric, investment services.

Hybrid process: trust in the professional, support in our technology.

Response to existing regulatory agenda and compliance challenges.

Robust and clear ways of creating value for the high-net-worth individual.

Efficiently offer Wealth services to new clients with volumes below typical thresholds.

Financial Advisors

Frees advisors to focus their time on high-level client activities.

Tech-enabled framework built on personalized advice.

Differentiate and grow amid commoditization, fee compression, and increasing regulatory requirements.

The wealth manager is “in the know” and “in the now” about any market events to quickly react simultaneously on all managed portfolios.

The Advisor feels highly informed and highly proactive with their clients.

Institutional Investors

Brings new edge in market research and portfolio construction, designed and applied by experienced asset managers.

Limitless product innovation based on a scalable core process.

Adapted to your Company’s goals, culture, people and technology.

Expensive resources are rationalized through the entire process to obtain the best results for the organization.

Pivots around all requirements from the compliance desk.

Main Benefits

Investment Professional

  • Leverages the advisor’s expertise in knowing the customer through a comprehensive, robust and safe framework
  • Fearless, active approach to coach the customer in his investment proposition
  • Exceptional level of training is achieved by mastering the process and software
  • Advisor charges fees to the customer according to the degree of usage of the software modules
  • No exposure to misunderstanding; clear figures reflect the true risk characteristics and constraints from the customer; the system records every step of the process.
  • The professional is fully backed up by the whole Bank/Organisation central desks


  • Full understanding in the dialogue about key elements of risk, investment universe and portfolio construction through the modules of the process and software
  • Positive, confident approach to investing thanks to transparent information, adhering to investors’ risk tolerance and complete control
  • Safety in a process controlled by the central services of the Financial Organization
  • The customer pays low fees as a consequence of the scalability of the process
  • The customer associates a fair cost to the top level of service he receives
  • Guidance through the whole process to assess his risk targets and constraints in clear parameters


  • Completely integrated service in a software that fulfils with compliance and regulatory requirements whilst creating a new business targeted to millions of accounts
  • Explicit knowledge retrieved through documentation within a system
  • Empowers the capabilities of the advisor in the branch to advise clients under a safe and compliant framework
  • Severely mitigates legal and reputational risk
  • Increases the negotiation power with external and internal service providers (Fund Managers, Brokers)
  • Scalability allows for attractive fees and low costs