Recognition Asset Management is the investment software that provides banks, advisors and asset managers with the holistic framework to manage their clients’ wealth.

Comprehensive Investment Solution

Individual Client Advisory

Client proposition

Personal Asset Allocation

Bespoke portfolio

Dynamic Asset Allocation

Dynamic management

Manager Selection

Investment vehicles

Performance and Reporting

Full information

Individual Client Advisory

Client Proposition

Knowing what the client wants about what really matters.

Transparent and unambiguous to unequivocally help the advisors and their customers.

Focus on potential losses to describe and prescribe risk tolerance recommendations.

Full education for the customer and the advisor in the dialogue about key elements of portfolio construction.

Enabling the advisor to initiate and regularly maintain a positive investment dialogue with the client.

  • Positive and coherent questionnaire
  • Return and Income targets
  • Tolerance to losses
  • Allocation limits
  • Time horizon
  • Investment universe

Personal Asset Allocation

Bespoke Portfolio

The customer receives a unique investment proposition completely individualized.

Choices are offered from best combinations of asset classes that fulfil all client’s limits and minimize possible extreme losses.

Efficient frontier of all portfolios is constructed based on a coherent risk measure that avoids the severe pitfalls of volatility.

High flexibility to adapt to what the customer needs in terms of performance, investment universe and time horizon.

Best of methodologies to offer a confident framework for the advisor, the financial organization and the regulator.

  • Attached to mandate
  • Risk compliant
  • Obedient to regulation
  • Target on loss minimization

Dynamic Management

Dynamic Asset Allocation

Our technology allows for the client’s investment decisions to be advised by market leaders in asset allocation research.

Our Artificial Intelligence investment process is designed by experienced portfolio managers to detect and exploit structural patterns in market research.

The Dynamic Asset Allocation module achieves to scale the investment advice once reserved only for the ultra-high net worth client.

A global market view is finally produced to efficiently deliver the best ideas, data and insights to the entire client base.

We synthesize best thinking of highest valued market researchers and find the best insights for each client, instantly.

World experts Asset Allocation

Adapt to new market events

Artificial Intelligence

Expertise + Experience

    Investment vehicles
  • Multiple criteria
  • Multiple experts
  • Best of available instruments
  • Ad-hoc Fund universe

Manager Selection

We create a robust framework based on the preferred due diligence process for the advisor or financial organization.

The art of investment funds analysis is embedded in a methodology that transforms human experts opinions into a precise ranking.

The importance of the various decision criteria, the opinions and the convictions on those opinions are expressed in natural language, that better assess the subjective judgement of the decision-maker.

Eligible instruments incorporate single manager funds and ETF’s, and may be defined within the client’s mandate.

Performance and Risk Reporting

Full Information

Guarantees uniform standards for the duty of care, skill, prudence, and diligence owed to investors through rulemaking and/or interpretive guidance.

Full traceability and auditory on all the components of the investment cycle.

Explicit knowledge about all investment criteria retrieved through documentation within a system.

The advisor and the customer are guided through the whole process to assess risk targets and constraints in clear numbers.

Constant reporting and monitoring

Audit trail for all decision making

Absolute control