Market Intelligence

Experienced Portfolio Managers lead our Artificial Intelligence investment design

In our process, we apply Machine Learning to detect and describe structural patterns in real market trading. Our job is to make sense of market information and data, to discover the patterns that govern how different assets behave, and to exploit them in a system that can be used for prediction. When new information arrives, we add it to our model structure, allowing the process to incrementally get more knowledge and experience. Thus, our AI framework learns from experience and becomes a wiser investor every day.

Best of market research ideas integrated in a coherent global view

Our technology allows for the client’s investment decisions to be advised by market leaders in asset allocation research. The Asset Allocation Experts module connects with clients in a personal and engaging way, scaling the investment advice and multi-asset market coverage once reserved only for the ultra-high net worth. This methodology efficiently delivers the best ideas, data and insights to the entire client base. We synthesize best thinking of highest valued market researchers and find the best insights for each client, instantly.

Portfolio optimization built by world elite experts in the field

The ability to find the best combination of assets to construct a bespoke portfolio for each individual is a extremely complex task. Only real experts in this area of Mathematics can create the unique investment proposition that is valid for all investors and adapted to their single needs. Based on coherent risk targets, we extend the unstable traditional methods to cutting edge robust solutions.

Technical Map

Targets and constraints:

Outperformance vs. Benchmark Absolute Return

Time horizon:

Long term / short term dynamic

Investment philosophy:

Systematic, Quantitative, Fundamental

Investment universe:

Global asset classes

Investment vehicles:

Funds, ETFs



  • Pattern recognition
  • Econophysics



  • Targets
  • Constraints



  • Market risk
  • Reporting



  • Active
  • Passive