Digital Investment Solution

Truly bespoke digital investment solution

Recognition Asset Management Software seamlessly connects a flexible set of client targets with a strictly controlled policy of customer parameterization, portfolio construction, dynamic asset allocation, investment vehicle selection and risk management

Ensembled modular construction adapted to the specific requirements of your organization

Customized modular solution compliant to Bank requirements

Client judgement

Fund selection expertise

Asset class knowledge

Professional leaders in market research

State of the Art

Artificial intelligence

Best of financial markets research

Individualized portfolio management and reporting

Bespoke personal portfolio

Professional asset management expertise meets state of the art technology

Recognition Asset Management Software brings the new face of wealth management, marrying human and computer intelligence, which brings together digital analytics with human knowledge, which understands wealth management involving emotions and rational judgement. By blending the two, we improve the client’s experience in ways previously not possible

Built for the Advisor, centered on the Client, we offer what they both demand today

Recognition Asset Management Software enables the Advisor to initiate a dialogue with the Client in order to define the factors relevant for him

Client-centric: Bespoke, genuinely individualized wealth management service

Engage human expertise with investment technology